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Reviewed by: WANASI on: 2016-11-06
Average Chinese Snacks and a very priced a over priced menu. For the same money you can go to a real family style restaurant and have better food. Eat in services are OK, but take out can be long wait. They are known not returning correct changes to customers unless you confront them. If you are in Las Vegas, and want real Chinese dinner, avoid this place!
Reviewed by: Beryl C. on: 3/21/2013 5:40:00 PM
Add Asian BBQ & Noodles to your restaurant options if you want good food at fast-food prices. The staff is pleasant and the restaurant is very clean. The walls have this strange neon green paint which works for the place, in a weird way.I usually get the 2-item combo with duck and pork belly. The duck is always juicy and tasty, minding a few bones here and there. The skin is flavorful and the duck fat just melts in your mouth. The pork belly has a sweet and somewhat nutty taste and the crispy skin adds a great texture in every bite. You can watch the guy take the hanging meat and chop it up. The combo also includes a large helping of rice and a small side of Chinese broccoli.They have a large selection of dishes and combinations so there has to be something there for everyone to enjoy.
Reviewed by: Godzilla X. on: 3/20/2013 4:19:00 AM
Asian BBQ & Noodles has always been my favorite Cantonese eatery here in Las Vegas. Before this place opened up we were regulated to going to that awful Sam Woo in the Chinatown (The Sam Woo's in LA are 100,000x better than the one in LV) Plaza down the street for our Chinese BBQ fix.It's got all the attributes that make for a great ethnic eatery. The food is great, with large portions (every time I order a half duck, I swear that I receive a whole bird!!), insanely cheap prices and for the most part fast service which can be a little spotty at times. Cmon now, a Cantonese restaurant without occasionally having spotty service just wouldn't feel correct!!I had stopped coming here about a year ago because somebody had told me that it had a new owner. I came in and didn't recognize any of the staff and the food seemed somewhat different with a new (and expanded) menu. I was bummed. After consulting some Chinese friends and being introduced to the (same and original) owner all of my concerns were put aside.I only wished that they were open somewhat later, as Chinese BBQ makes for late night (drunken) eats. Also be advised if you come late in the evening chances are they will be out of many selections, which in my book is a good thing. Just as in a sushi restaurant, you want to run out off all your products and start fresh the next morning!!BTW, not sure but I think they own one of those Jenni Pho places around town.
Reviewed by: Don S. on: 3/15/2013 10:26:00 AM
Excellent service and food! Comparable to the "street food I had in Hong Kong. Can't wait to come back to Vegas so I can dine here again.
Reviewed by: Jenny D. on: 3/13/2013 4:08:00 PM
Yes! I love this place!! They have CHEAP eats with nice sized portions and DELICIOUS food! I've only ever ordered the Crispy Pork with Rice and it is SOOO good I could just eat it all day every day! Nice size portion of the pork with some green veggies on the side and a scoop of rice with some sauce on it. T-T-TASTY!The next time I go though, I promise I will try the PORK BELLY!!! AWWWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Reviewed by: Marlyn V. on: 3/11/2013 11:33:00 AM
I'm not one to give a bad review but when a place really misses its mark, I am definitely going to share what I went through.We went there on a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant wasn't even that busy, in fact I had the largest party (of 7) when I arrived. The server automatically brought out waters but took a couple of minutes for the menu to get to me after he was ready to take my order and realized I didn't have one.I ordered the whole duck which came to my table room temperature, it wasn't even hot to enjoy that parts of the duck that contained a high portion of fat was too fatty to bite into.The Shrimp & Combination Fried Rice wasn't too bad but wasn't the best either. The ratio of noodle to veggies/seafood for their pan fried noodle wasn't well proportioned (lacked so much noodles) and finally when I ordered the pigs ear in soy sauce & the spicy chicken feet, it would've been nice to be told that these were cold appetizers.My server was too busy catering to the other customers who were Chinese unlike me & my party who were not. Even to get a water refill was almost impossible. I can guarantee you that this is definitely the first & LAST time I'll be ever eating here & I work for the hotel industry so I can assure you that I will spread the word to my friends that this place is by far a horrible choice to make! If I could rate it with negative stars, trust me, I would have!!I was so disappointed because for the first time I went to a high rated establishment that was a total false rated place for me.
Reviewed by: Jennifer L. on: 3/2/2013 8:27:00 PM
Best chinese BBQ place in town. I guarantee it! Do not go anywhere else.instead of a long paragraph I'm just going to tell you what to orderDO ORDER:- 3 meat combo (crispy pork, roast duck, BBQ pork) over rice *** THE BEST***- won ton noodles (you can choose type of noodle and if you want meat in it)- fried noodles with vegetables on top- chow fun (beef, pork etc)- porridge (w/ thousand yr old egg is my favorite)NOW GOGOGOGOGO!
Reviewed by: Ingrid C. on: 2/26/2013 8:58:00 AM
I have to give it 5 stars for what it is and what I ate. My guy server really didn't understand me and in turn, I have no idea what he was ranting about. Something about fried rice, which I had no interest in at the time, something about a prime rib buffet, Honestly, I do not know, but we got the right food and it was on point!We originally were taking food to go. Our kind gentleman server informed us that the roasted duck was going to be another 20 minutes, my husband wanted that duck, Bad! So we waited and ordered food to eat in, in the mean time.We ordered won ton soup with pork belly instead of duck, we also ordered pork ribs. and fish balls. Before the food got there, I realized we didn't not have enough cash for my husbands hunger and cravings. My husband orders food like he's on death row. I proceeded to go to BOA , just down the road. (It's cash only) OK, so by the time I came back, my husband and my 6 year old daughter decided since they ate all the pork belly that they needed to order another one before I got there. They were raving about how great it was, my husband was in a pig heaven sort of a trance and my daughter was hoarding pork on her side of the table. Seriously, my husband was in awe of the pork belly. I have never seen him so excited and patiently waiting his duck. "Ingrid, please come look at the pork with me??" "No. Andrew, I can see the pork from here." Look at it, look at it, please!!"? "It's OK, I can see it, Andrew." That was our bbq banter. He finally gave up and decided to go stare at the glass of hanging meat and drool. If you cant tell, he really loved that pork belly!! And he was right to love it. It had a perfect crispy skin, tasty pork and not overly fatty. The fish balls with curry sauce were good. We had to get 2 orders because my daughter did not want sauce. We ended taking most of them home. They were good, just not great. The soup was a super large portion and was pretty good, clean tasting and the noodles and won tons were not soggy and pretty perfect.My daughter wanted rice so we got a small side of rice and they brought out some kind of duck sauce. I absolutely loved that sauce and the rice was perfectly cooked. By the way, the lady who brought out the rice was so kind and polite. To go we ordered the 3 meat combo for 12.99, I believe. Since my husband realized it did not come with rice, he ordered a duck and rice combo for 6.99. Needless to say, yes this is a pretty inexpensive place, but the fact that my husband has no self control when it comes to pork, our bill was about 49.00 dollars, 10 dollar tip, but we had so much food, enough for his late night munchies and lunch AND dinner the next day. It was an excellent value. We definitely will be back. It was yummy!!
Reviewed by: Lawrence C. on: 2/25/2013 11:57:00 PM
This is my favorite chinese BBQ place in Vegas, and maybe for the whole world. They have simply mastered the whole chinese BBQ thing. This place is always busy as well. Fortunately the service is fast,, so getting a table won't usually take all that long. They have my favorite roast pork dish, which, to my eyes, their BBQ has become the gold standard to all the chinese BBQ i've had in the pest.
Reviewed by: Jade W. on: 2/21/2013 6:30:00 AM
Wanted something cheap, good and quick so we stopped in for lunch.I've heard so much about their BBQ so we ordered up a 2 BBQ combination rice plate. The roast pork has a awesome crunchy skin and the bbq pork is juicy and succulent. Definitely good for the price and I would order BBQ from here again. They also give you a bowl of soup, this was beef broth with potato and carrots.We also got shrimp wonton soup with thin egg noodles. The wontons were quality with shrimp, black mushroom and pork. I realized the more I have simple Chinese broth soups the more I feel they're sort've one noted. Just a personal preference, but I think anyone who wants a good wonton noodle soup with some greens will be satisfied.They serve complimentary tea, which was sort've odd tasting. It tasted like moth balls to me and the BF said it was like spinach water. Servers was friendly when we were ordering, but I wouldn't say there was much service at all. We weren't ever checked on or refilled, we went to the counter to pay.BBQ definitely quality and I would order some to-go of this sometime. It's just one of those places that isn't bad, but didn't impress either. It's good for all the things they do and makes for a good cheap work option.
Reviewed by: Panda B. on: 2/20/2013 11:26:00 AM
Excellent place! Everything was so good and tasty. I didn't know what they all were (this intenstine and that gut lol); my father ordered them all. Every plate has distincitve and delicious flavor. Love!
Reviewed by: Ray L. on: 1/29/2013 8:52:00 AM
I knew I was in for a treat before I even stepped in the door for lunch today- I could smell the food from the parking lot.After reading several yelp reviews on this place, I decided to try the Wonton soup (4.99) and the two meat combo plate with steamed rice (6.99). The lady at the counter must have known it was my first time there, because she practically grabbed my hand and walked me over to the hanging pork and duck. The roasted duck was a little fatty for my liking, but the BBQ pork was amazing.The pork was super tender and had a sweet flavor. I recommend adding a little chili oil to the pork! The combo plate came with about 10 slices of each protein , steamed rice and greens. At first I thought they were green onions, so I put them off the side. Upon further review, I added them back to my plate and was glad I did.Unfortunately, I didn't agree with previous yelp reviews on the Wonton soup. The broth reminded me of miso soup and seemed to have a fish stock base to it. The Wontons themselves contained shrimp -which I did not expect. Since I am not a huge fan of shrimp, I can't confirm that this is the best version of Wonton soup in Las Vegas (as other have claimed).The restaurant is clean, and well organized. There is a large menu on the wall behind the cash register that makes it easy to order. My food was ready in less than 10 minutes, and was still piping hot when I got back to work. I love this place, and can't wait to come back.
Reviewed by: Kevin T. on: 1/26/2013 3:10:00 AM
For good old school, inexpensive, tasty Chinese BBQ there is no other in comparison to Asian BBQ & Noodles. Inside you got the hanging proteins in the glass mirror, Chinese people everywhere, some bamboo plants, and its brightly painted walls. Its simple and plain, but it gets the jay oh bee DONE.If you aren't familiar with Chinese BBQ then I would recommend the BBQ pork or "char siu" because its ridiculous. How ridiculous you ask? More ridiculous than anything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth. ALSO try the roasted duck, its juicy, succulent, and made fresh several times a day. Actually better yet just get the BBQ pork and roasted duck in a combo, with rice, noodles, or just by itself. If you're feeling extremely gluttonous, spend $20, get the whole duck to go, and just go primal animal on it at home in private, don't worry I won't judge. If you're feeling adventurous well... there is the pork blood and intestine... but lets just stick with what's solid.I don't love the stir fry noodles (your chow fun, chow mein, etc) here, but if you're craving it, it will do. The roasted pork is also a favorite among everyone, but I don't really enjoy its fattiness combined with the crispy skin, however if you do, go at it!The service... well with most decent Asian restaurants, if you don't speak the language, then keep it simple, no point in confusing the work staff, or/and making yourself flustered.Cash only and its pretty clean in here (+10000 points).
Reviewed by: Rhia R. on: 1/23/2013 7:05:00 AM
A few friends were on a search for somewhere to grab a late lunch. It led to this place, located well off of The Strip. "They supposedly have the best bbq pork in Vegas", they said. Challenge accepted. Definitely off the beaten path for us, as we found it nestled in a corner of a strip mall. They ordered the pork while I got the roast duck. Awesome for the price and portion of the food. Have you ever had bbq pork with the skin on it? Not only that, but it's cooked to a crisp, like a pork rind? Oh my blob, it's good! The roast duck was very tasty, and they even topped off the rice included in the place with its sauce. Worth the visit, and worth coming back to.
Reviewed by: Rob E. on: 1/14/2013 7:19:00 PM
Amazing. If you need your roasted duck and bbq pork fix while in vegas this is the place to be. Good, cheap and tons of other options. Place isn't "pretty" like most restaurants on the strip but the food is amazing.
Reviewed by: Charles L. on: 12/29/2012 8:25:00 AM
Had our dinners there two days in a roll, the food was really excellent, can compare to the best in LA or New York Chinatown. Prices were reasonable, the only problem we had was many popular BBQ items ran out unfortunately. Will go there earlier next time.
Reviewed by: Wendy H. on: 12/23/2012 12:43:00 PM
I love this place! This place has one of the most authentic hong kong style cuisines in terms of the noodles. It is one of the secrets of Chinatown area until recently when more and more people are coming. It has been voted 8th in the top 100 Chinese foods list.My family comes here all the time due to its authenticity in terms of taste and cost.First, the cost for the food is cheap compared to other places and there is a variety of things to try from roasted duck, roasted pork, to noodles, to various toppings to add onto your noodle.And they are closed one day of the week, I think it was Fridays that was written.Second, the food comes really fast after ordering. This place is always crowded around lunch time and you will have to wait if there are no seats. The place is pretty small compared to many other restaurants in terms of space and seating.Third, the food is always flavorful. Though I had a couple times where the topping I wanted "Pork Blood" was sold out. All the toppings are always cooked really well.The main thing to try at this place is the noodles + toppings.You have a choice between the type of noodle you want.I usually chose udon due to my taste for a more chewier noodle.And then you can choose whether you want one, two, or three toppings to add into the soup/noodle.The toppings range from pork blood, pork belly, curry fish balls, fish balls, tofu, and etc.Also, there is a lot of different mixes that they are willing to accommodate if you ask. For instance, you can order a won ton soup and still add in different toppings if you wanted to.However, if your taste buds are not so interested in the toppings you can add into your noodle, there is always duck and chicken to try. It is always fresh and flavorful. The butcher always cuts the meat really clean so when you get the product, you don't have to go trying to pull the pieces apart. In addition, he is very delicate with the food (which also means patience) if you are looking to do take-out. But the duck and chicken are a lot better than other Chinese places I've eaten at.Very important: This place is CASH only.
Reviewed by: Benene C. on: 11/25/2012 1:13:00 PM
Wonderful and flavorful! Had the special which was a beef tomato on noodles! Definitely a different taste and very good! Just a note.... Cash Only!
Reviewed by: Vinson L. on: 11/23/2012 7:03:00 AM
I was looking for a new place to try and this was on my radar and bookmarked for awhile. I just happened to be driving around the chinatown area after running some errands and decided to give this place a try. The restaurant is tucked away in the corner of a shopping plaza on the corner of Jones/Spring Mountain. Walking in, it reminds of me of a Sam Woo BBQ that I used to go to in Monterey Park - not a huge place, but enough seats if you want to sit and eat, but I did notice most people were getting plates to go.The first thing you notice when you walk in is that familiar smell of chinese roast bbq and you can see the hanging meat in the glass case full of roast pork belly, bbq pork, and duck. The next thing you notice is the big sign that says "Cash Only" so make sure you hit the ATM before coming here. I sat down and ordered a 2 item BBQ combo and got the roast pork belly and duck - it came out with a small side of vegetables and rice. For $6.99 this is definitely a great deal for what you get. For $3 more you can get a plate of chinese broccoli to satisfy your veggie intake for the day. It was so good, I even ordered one to go for my lunch the next day - another 2 item combo of roast pork belly and bbq pork.I would like to go back and try their wonton noodle soup and other specialties.
Reviewed by: Lisa C. on: 11/11/2012 5:07:00 PM
This place aint fancy. No TV. Plain decor. But wow did this place hit the spot!I usually judge a Chinese noodle place by their wonton noodle soup. It's a simple dish, but one that seems difficult to master by many places. And that's exactly what I ordered. The soup came out hot! (Just the way I like it!) From my initial glance, it didn't look too impressive. But I gave it a shot nonetheless. And YUM! The soup was flavorful. The noodles were cooked to perfection. The wonton, amazing! Everything tasted fresh!Forget that disappointing Wendy's Noodles across the street. This is the place to be for wonton noodle soup! Looking forward to eating at this place again!Cost $4.99 What a steal!Cash OnlyParking Lot
Reviewed by: Tien N. on: 10/30/2012 5:01:00 AM
REALLY good pork belly. Best the day purchased but it's also the gift that keeps on giving too. After a few days in the fridge and in a toaster oven in an attempt to bring the skin back to it's once crispy splendor results in kind of a failure but the pork meat itself does retain all it's flavor and goodness.Sadly the duck wasnt to my expectation. The skin which is universally everyone's favorite piece isnt as flavorful as i'm typical used to.Regardless, the pork belly itself makes this visit worthwhile for me. That was just takeout. One of these days i'd love to come back to try out the custom noodle bowls or the shrimp dumplings i keep reading about.
Reviewed by: Jerry W. on: 10/24/2012 3:09:00 PM
Excellent authentic Hong Kong style BBQ and Noodles. Not expensive at all. Loved it.
Reviewed by: Carol K. on: 10/6/2012 7:06:00 PM
This place is HOT, no room to sit, tables are full and people are still coming through the door. We got one of the last tables, for two, stuck in the corner, but still happy to be seated. The menu's arrive and my husband has already made up his mind, but tonight, they are out of duck!So we both end up with a combination BBQ plate and shared a side order of noodle. The noodle was good, my BBQ plate was decent. The fact that they are busy, the service was just fair, and we missed out on their specialty.I enjoyed people watching, there were so many people, obviously not from Vegas, talking non stop, and getting dish after dish. I think that one big table, got everything on the menu! That's probably why we were after thought in our server's mind.It's worth a trip back, to get the duck and see if we agree with so many others, that it's in the top 100! We just need to figure out when they are slow.
Reviewed by: Jessica F. on: 9/24/2012 9:53:00 PM
The best part about roasted duck and roasted pork is the crispy skin! So if you're one of those people who counts calories, hates greasy food and what not, then... you might just want to stick to Panda Express =PComing from a predominantly Asian community, my standards for Chinese food are pretty high. A couple of my classmates and I came here on a whim in search of good duck and crispy pork. We didn't order anything else on the menu, so I can't vouch for any other items. However, the pork & duck rice plate with yu choy (a Chinese vegetable) is pretty wonderful, especially at $6.95 a plate. It comes with two sauces to dip the meat in. And of course, the duck and pork skins are crispy and tasty. Quite the bargain :)
Reviewed by: Belle L. on: 9/15/2012 6:14:00 AM
Out of the rows and rows of Asian food options in the Chinatown area, Asian BBQ and Noodles could easily be overlooked. Finding this hidden gem is another reason why I love Yelp. A friend recommended this place but I had to confer with my trusted Yelp friends. And once again, Yelp did not let me down!I still can't get over the amazing deal they offer. For $6.99 I got a huge plate of Roasted Duck, Pork Belly and Rice. Everything was succulent. The Pork Belly skin had just the right amount of crispiness and not too much fat.This place is nothing fancy but you definitely get more than you pay for. If you're looking for a cheap meal that satisfies and is easy on the wallet, this is the place to go!
Reviewed by: Sasha S. on: 8/26/2012 2:58:00 PM
This was definitely overhyped for me. The service was good, the ladies behind the counter were nice. The food was not good. We got bbq duck, pork belly, chicken and bbq pork. The duck skin was not rendered out and was flabby, the pork belly was crispy but had virtually no flavor, the chicken was cold and flabby and the pork belly was good. We also ordered the highly recommended bbq duck soup. The broth tasted like dish water. Overall we were pretty sad, but we had an excellent duck noodle soup at Pho Kim Long the next week so I nearly forgot about it.
Reviewed by: Philip T. on: 8/1/2012 12:39:00 PM
Coming here twice in the last week just for their pork must make it 5 stars! I took Janel's advice in her review and went with the double order of the pork for the BBQ combo the second time around. The crispy juiciness of the meat mixed with the fat was phenomenal. I've neglected Chinese spots with hanging meat for too long. I used to eat this stuff at least once a week.The duck is also tasty but I recommend asking for a breast cut. Some pieces of the thigh were straight up skin and fat. While some people appreciate it, I am not one of them. I also had their chicken chow fun which is something I'll certainly order again.The service is also pretty friendly compared to most Chinese places around but it's all about the pork!
Reviewed by: Andrew N. on: 7/26/2012 4:12:00 AM
Extremely affordable, delicious meals.The dish to order here is the combination 2 bbq plate for ~$7. I chose bbq pork and roast pork belly for the combo. The bbq pork was well flavored and the roast pork belly had a perfect crispness to it. The plate also came with veggies and rice with a sauce on top of it. Overall, a very nice deal.
Reviewed by: Misti Y. on: 7/20/2012 2:06:00 PM
If you're looking for indulgent meat, your search may end here. GIven that the primary headliners here (BBQ and Noodles) aren't my routine diet, it has taken me quite some time to venture here. However, I am glad that I did because it's a little Vegas gem.As long as you are not sensitive to neon green and yellow walls, the interior is downright cozy and definitely clean. It feels like a true Chinatown immersion. If you don't speak Chinese or aren't familiar with the offerings, ordering might be a tad intimidating, but we had a super friendly waitress who tried her best to decipher what we wanted. She did a good job, except for the noodle dish. Somehow we ended up with a pile of plain, albeit very long, noodles and a pair of scissors.The real star here is the pork with its perfect combination of buttery, succulent fat and magically crispy rind. You order this meat candy by the pound. We also ordered the soy sauce chicken, and I confess, the skin creeps me out, but the flavor was delicious. My husband couldn't stop raving about it. Nothing we tasted had the heavy five spice flavor, which is something I generally do not like.After a minor communication breakdown, we managed to order ong choy stir fried with garlic. It was rather greasy, but I couldn't stop eating it! The menu only lists vegetables with oyster sauce, so I am not sure how you unlock this vegetable version. After trying to explain what we wanted, our waitress came by with a plate of vegetables she was taking to another table, and we said, "Yes, that!"It was too hot for soups that day, but I definitely want to make it back to try their wonton.If you're a lover of all things Asian, this is a must-try for sure.
Reviewed by: Veronica X. on: 7/14/2012 8:38:00 AM
This kind of Asian restaurants made me regret moving away from Vegas.My folks were tired of their tourist group dinners after traveling in the US for 10 days and just wanted something light and homey. So, being the wonderful daughter I am, I snuck them out in the dark and off to the Chinatown.Asian BBQ & Noodles must be a relatively new establishment since I don't recall seeing it in the same strip mall where HK Star is at, which I visited a few times in my Vegas days.The waitress greeted us in Cantonese without hesitation, and I knew we were in for some authentic Cantonese delicacies. The menu items are similar to what you would get in many great small eateries in the back alleys of Guangzhou or Hong Kong.To address my folks' distressed stomachs, I ordered boiled baby bok choy with oyster sauce, pickled daikon radish, one of the speciality rice porridges and plain rice noodle soup. They were all nicely done and so very comforting. Since Cantonese Style Rotisserie (or BBQ if you are not too hung up on the strict definition) is their speciality, I could not resist the roasted pork belly and it was near perfection. They ran out of roasted duck before we had the chance to try it.It was around 8PM on a week day and this place was packed with Asian patrons. Service was casual but very efficient. Cash only.I have never had a better meal for the tiny amount of money we spent. My folks were so proud of me that they have forgiven me for all the headaches and disappointments I have brought them.
Reviewed by: Janel S. on: 7/7/2012 12:22:00 AM
Great place! I ordered the BBQ combo plate which I think was $7.95. Originally, my order was the BBQ pork and the pork belly, but they were out of BBQ pork (I guess it was that good!). I'm not a fan of duck (I know. Shame on me.), so I just doubled on the pork belly. F.U.C. it right?! You only live once, and consuming that much pork belly that might have been the last of my living days!The pork belly was delish! The meat fat was so juicy and so tender. All most melt in your mouth tender, and the skin was extra crispy! The portions are very big portions. They offer two full strips per order with the combo so I ended up with 4. Don't worry I didn't eat all 4! The dipping sauce goes great with the pork belly. I'd really love to go back to try the rest of their food.I also noticed that they have a wide variety on their menu! They even have a make it yourself noodle bowl with all the options for meat and vegetables as well as your choice of noodle. I would also suggest to try their lemon iced tea with your meal. Their iced tea here is so refreshing and very lemony!!!! It's more lemony tasting than than tea tasting.
Reviewed by: Jason C. on: 7/6/2012 8:22:00 PM
I had a plate with roast duck, roast pork, rice and veg.This place is like a quick service place. Everything is fast here! You get a table fast, you order fast, waitresses move fast and people eat fast.I like the prices too.The roast duck was good - I am not expert but I liked it. The roast pork was so damn good. I almost ordered more! I have never had that before and I can say I want to go back just for that.This place does what they do very well. I appreciate a place that knows what it is and does it well!
Reviewed by: Christopher S. on: 6/30/2012 6:23:00 PM
The ultimate Asian cheap eats joint in Las Vegas that delivers on every level.Authenticity- here you will find old school Hong Kong barbecue where the meats are hanging off the racks with oil dripping off their skin like LeBron James sweating in the 4th quarter leaving behind a beautiful glistening sheen enveloping juicy meat-tastic goodness that is sliced to order. If you are rusty on your Chinese, be prepared to point at the numbers of each food item you are interested in partaking.Texture- nice chewy noodles in their soups, perfectly fried skin cradling the underside of an entire backside of pork belly, the appropriate amount of spring to their wontons and fishballs, they definitely get it right with every bite.Flavor- No dish is subtle as each ingredient provides depth of flavor yet avoids becoming overpowering. The wonton noodle soup is well balanced in terms of it's fish-stock like broth yet a dash of red vinegar or chili oil is permissible if not encouraged. The meats are well seasoned to be eaten straight up but for added layers of flavor explosion, virtually all are accompanied by their own appropriate dipping sauce. Even the rice that accompanies the bbq dishes and the hainanese chicken are packed with additional notes of spice and seasoning.Value- A friend and I paid 4.99 for a steaming bowl of wonton noodle soup (6.99 to add some generous pieces of duck), 6.99 for a combination barbecue rice plate (seasoned rice, chinese greens, and freshly chopped roasted duck and fried pork belly) and 3 dollars for chinese broccoli coated with oyster sauce. We had a smorgasbord of street eats before us that left us more than adequately stuffed for less than 15 bucks/person. With my parents and their friends retired in Vegas, this is their go-to place for a nice thrifty meal or to purchase takeout meats for their potluck dinners.Come hungry, bring cash, and leave happy.
Reviewed by: L M. on: 6/5/2012 8:26:00 PM
Chinese comfort food 101. Hot, tasty and lots of it! I am happy to finally have found a place in Las Vegas that serves bbq meats, rice and flat rice noodle dry or in soup. After a few days of buffets, western bbq and seafood, I crave a rice bowl, and this place is a really good place for it. As soon as you step in, the staff smile and ask what they can do for you, even at noon. And the place is full of Chinese people, which is important if you are searching for authentic. It was packed, so I ordered takeout - white rice with bbq pork belly and duck. Huge amounts of white rice and the meats, and a couple of sticks of gai lan. Their duck soy sauce was also very tasty without MSG. Trust me - I am supersensitive to MSG. $8, and I could only finish half the rice. It was filling and really good food.It's in the same mall as Cravin' Cajun, just three doors away, so parking is plentiful. Definitely be back next time I'm in Vegas.
Reviewed by: Tristan C. on: 5/21/2012 2:25:00 AM
Every now and then I have a crazy craving of samwoo bbq since I grew up in City of Angels especially in San Gabriel Valley where samwoo bbq are running amock every three blocks.Then I relocate to Las Vegas and the samwoo here is just suck ass. Thank god for asian bbq and noodles. They are as close as the samwoo in los angeles and I cant believe my luck when I found them through yelp.Wonderful roast duck, so so on the bbq pork, I havent try all their food yet but they have crazy good hainanese rice. I am not crazy about the chicken I think big wong have the best hainanese chicken rice in vegas. But their hainanese rice are wonderful.Good service, clean restaurant, wonderful bbq. Just dont stop by on Friday cos they are close, oh yah, CASH ONLY!
Reviewed by: Ted C. on: 5/1/2012 3:45:00 AM
Alright Chinese BBQ in Las Vegas, you have FINALLY redeemed yourself on my list of good things to eat in Nevada (which is still quite small) considering the incident I had at another location awhile back.Love that the ladies working here are super friendly and helpful in deciding what you want to eat!If you have ever tried the food in Hong Kong, is craving for it, well you're in luck! This place can and will satisfy that craving! Now this isn't your typical high end Chinese restaurant, it's more of a small eats, street vendor type of food you find in Asia. You won't be expecting your typical Cantonese food, but be open minded to trying OTHER types of Chinese food! Yes people, there are more than one type of Chinese food, and the other is NOT PANDA EXPRESS! ;-)One of my favorite is their Beef Stew! No, not the American beef stew with the tomato base...this is a Chinese style beef stew with tendons and beef stewed for a LONG time which makes the tendons soft and literally melt in your mouth!On top of that, I also got the combo BBQ platter, which was decent, Some of the things were good, but I wasn't a big fan of the duck. There are other places with better duck, but because of their other food, I'd still give this place a 5 star.Their wontons are amazing! It has that authentic HK taste that is rare to find in America! I don't know what they put in it, but I was full and I kept eating it! haha.It was funny when I kept ordering after I finished off a plate, the stares I got from the workers. I told them, I am deprived of such good HK food!Check this place out! There is a lot of things to choose from and I will definitely be coming back to try other dishes out!
Reviewed by: Clint B. on: 3/2/2012 6:56:00 PM
If you're the kind of person that judges a restaurant's "authenticity" based on their customers, you'll love this place. There wasn't a round-eye to be seen anywhere. People starting filing in around 11 for lunch. I ordered the roasted pork belly over rice. The portion size was large and it was everything I thought it was going to be -- tender chunks of fatty pork with crispy skin on top of a huge helping of rice. It was excellent all the way around.It's CASH ONLY! and it's also closed on Fridays. I thought I had enough cash on me but was a dollar short. I read other reviews where the dish was $5.50. Now it's $6.50. So, I had to find an ATM. Luckily, there was a Bank of America a block south.
Reviewed by: Fiona C. on: 2/11/2012 4:40:00 PM
Only downside: cash only and closed on Fridays.My parents took me here when I was in town, and yum! I haven't had good roast ruck or roast pork in a long, long time! The skin was perfectly crispy and the meat itself wasn't too salty. The duck... mmmm juicy, just perfect! I thought it was so nice of them to cut the bone off the duck and chicken breast. The cold chicken with ginger is really good here too. I used to love KJ's, but maybe they changed chefs or something because it doesn't taste as good. I don't normally like wontons, but these are good! This place is very clean and the staff is friendly. I definitely want to come back the next time I'm home.
Reviewed by: Jayson N. on: 2/5/2012 5:52:00 AM
LAY HO MAHHHH. Okay so i may be THE most white washed ABC, "american born chinese", but I know good Chinese food when I taste it. I've been to Hong Kong and had the best won ton noodles ever.. Nothing will ever compare, but I will say Asian BBQ & Noodles produces a very delicious product in fact it rivals the best i've tasted in Hawaii.So, after 2 filling days of pigging out, my friend and I decided to cut back on the binge eating a bit. Since it was a bit nippy out, we ventured for won ton noodles and roast pork. We sat down and instantly I knew it was gonna be a winner. Everyone around us was speaking cantonese. NOT A WORD OF ENGLISH. NOT ONE!We looked at the menu, thank goodness it was in english and ordered 2 won ton thin noodles and an order of roast pork.Shrimp Dumpling Noodle Soup ($.4.99): http://www.yelp.com/biz_…Order of Roast Pork ($5.99?): http://www.yelp.com/biz_…Very very very good noodles and amazing won ton. I haven't had similar quality won tons since my trip to Hong Kong last year. Roast pork is crazy crispy. Not just crispy, CRAZY CRISPY. You won't chip a tooth, but you will definitely feel the crunch. BEST ROAST PORK I have had in a long time.The restaurant was VERY clean, the wait staff struggles with english at times but definitely know enough to take your order, and the best part of all our lunch was $20 TIP INCLUDED..My friend said the other dishes are awesome as well. If you have a hankering for Cantonese chinese food and are on a budget, this is definitely the spot for you.. You know what they say, "when in vegas, do as the CHINESE do." :)
Reviewed by: mlh001las on: 2011-11-22
Excellent balance of entrees to suit American and Asian taste. Generous portions, we have yet to leave without a "GO" box.!. Wait staff are knowledgeable, helpful and strive to make each visit a memorable experience. Language is not a barrier when it comes to good food...
Reviewed by: mlh001las on: 2011-11-22
Excellent balance of entrees to suit American and Asian taste. Generous portions, we have yet to leave without a "GO" box.!. Wait staff are knowledgeable, helpful and strive to make each visit a memorable experience. Language is not a barrier when it comes to good food...